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Sunday, November 19, 2006

"That's why they call me 'the working man'..."

Wooooooo! Yeah, the new job is going pretty well; I'm learning a lot, meeting some good people, and know that it is exactly where God wants me to be, for whatever reason.

We had a beautiful, beautiful rain shower this evening, and I put on the local college jazz station and worked on my blogs next to the window. I'm a blessed, lucky, whatever you want to call it, guy.

For those of you lushes who enjoy literature, I've started a new blog here devoted to books and writing.

God bless you all, hope He spreads some of our July "cool wave" that's coming to Texas out to some of you in the hotter areas of the world.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Stay Up and Study all Night...
So far I got 7 emails and 2 phone calls all requesting my fool proof method for beating the piss test. Dogma will probably kick my ass for continuing to post from the book, but I don't want to have to re-write the damn thing, so I copied straight from the manuscript.

Andy (to Scott): Dude, I forgot my guitar.

Scott: Figures. And, I didn’t bring an extra. You know why?

Andy (taking up the punchline): ‘Cause you don’t have an extra.

Scott (to Andy): Just get up there and sing a couple of fuckin’ songs. Use my guitar. Don’t break any strings ‘cause those’re all I got. Got any weed?

Andy: Yeah, but you can’t have any. You got to take that test next week, remember? Probation? Remember?

Me (to Scott): I have a way that works every time.

I described the only truly effective way to pass a piss test. Eight days before you piss stop doing your contraband of choice. Then drink a gallon of water 45 minutes before the test, take Vitamin B and Creatine. The water dilutes your system, the Creatine proves you didn’t dilute it, and the B vitamin will give the piss color. And, always piss in the cup midstream. Trust me, on this one, folks. Works like a charm.

Andy (to Me): Yer more fulla shit than yer brother, shit. .

Me: I may be drunk, but seriously I know what I’m talking about.

Scott (laughing): Sounds like the name of an album.
Comments, Impersonation, Etc
There are a few people who have been impersonated on this site and one asked me to delete their impersonator's comments. Blogger isn't letting me delete individual comments, so I've hidden all of them until I can get that working. [Fixed -- fire away!]
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Cell Phones in Southern Sudan
Reuters reports that Network of the World has invested in cell phone and internet services in southern Sudan.

Fighting had left southern Sudan a black spot for telecommunications until last August when the region's first mobile phone operator -- Network of the World (NOW) -- was set up with a multimillion dollar investment.

Satellite dishes, generators, computers, a telecoms mast and a wooden shed for an Internet cafe were transported piecemeal to the bush, by convoy and chartered plane.

Despite a chronic lack of trained technicians and engineers in southern Sudan, a network was up and running within four months.

The new mast stands at a site dominated by an enormous dilapidated satellite dish, intended for a fixed line phone system. Government troops bombed the dish in the 1980s before it had a chance to get started.

There are now about 1,000 subscribers to NOW in two towns -- Rumbek and Yei, and Richard Herbert, NOW's operations director, is confident that number will increase five-fold by the end of the year.

As far as I can tell, NOW.com was previously providing an integrated video and internet service to a few hundred thousand people in Hong Kong, after an initial attempt to make itself a pan-asian complete digital media service provider. This new effort sounds very hopeful, but I'd love to learn more.
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Sunday, January 16, 2005
More on population and the environment
I just found a great Jeffrey Sachs essay -- very succinct -- about why the developed world's concerns about slowing population growth are counterproductive, and should be fit within the larger concerns of globabl population, conflict, and sustainability.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Of return!
Not, I did not go to Brussels because I did not even know that I was nominated, and in more that fell almost on the 1 year of my chip!
In short, it is my chip which gains it, normal!!! lol
AWARD OF The MORE BEAUTIFUL BABY Of the YEAR.According to my birthsign I'm a genius!
I learned that only the people present at the evening received a award! It is what this plan! They is more people who vote?! It thus does not represent anything any more!!! Ca wants to say which if are nominated for you and that in your category you are the only one to be moved to you, you are sure to have a award! And Ben, that changed well!!!
Here, it is known as! lol
Good, if not the job soon will begin again. Opinion with the girls and couples which want to turn.
This month I makes my casting for the months has to come. I must make 2 films at the end of June! Turnings envisaged in weekend and with the sun of Carcassonne.
Amandine left us...
Our iron ore, Amandine has just left us. This evening with 21H40 it made its last soufle in my arms! She was only 11 years old, it is not much for a cat! Filth of disease! Fortunately, Kassandra was with the bed and makes a large dodo...

Tomorrow, one leaves to Bordeaux, to put it out of ground...

I do not think poster of article this week, and you will include/understand why...

On the other hand, opinion with the subscribers of my site, the update of the next week already left. It will thus be put as usual !
The blow of the marriage of emilienAnd yes you were very many A to require of you which blow one made has emilien for his marriage......
Us partimes both ( Arie the Good & BHL the underhand one ) has the research of the hotel or Emile had reserve his room. It was found rather easily that it sagissait of the "impregnable" David citadel. Arrive it low Arie the Good ran up has a problem the Footman (receptionnist) did not want to let it pass. After many palaver the receptionnist asked has Arie the Good to await 20 min the responsble halebardiers (ksin bitahon). Well on it etais out of question of awaiting this gueu (the chief halebardier not Arie the Good). Arie the Good etait close A rising the camp when BHL the underhand decida to intervene it took its portaphone (as its name indicates it....) and telephonna with the receptionnist while being done passes for Emilien Bieheuruex (Ben yes it come from Marie: -) ) and while asking leaves assembles in its room his/her brother (Arie the Good). The footman confondi in excuse and beseeched the clemence of BHL the underhand one. The footman given immediately the sesame of the lodging of Emilien Bienheureux.aussitot our two valiant knights knights monterent (in top) in the lodging numbers 573 or it entrerent by the trick. Hardly between it passere pieges: cocks mecanic regle to sing when there is no sun (sorcelery!!!!) Il metterent then a guard of mole on the bed bridal (dwarf of jardin).Puis in apotheose it redecorerent the room with paper has latrine (more reche that it trouverent).
Our two heroes mefait it accomplished resignerent themselves finally has to take the road of the reourd and rejoignerent their epousailles.
Such is the legende blow d;Emilien the Happy one (or of Samos).